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Ellen Kooi, Haarlem – Wies, 2016

Ellen Kooi

Born in 1962 in Leeuwarden, Netherlands
She lives and works in Netherlands

Ellen Kooi takes staged photographs. From 1981 until 1986 she attended the Minerva Academy in Groningen. In the period after the academy, she is mainly occupied with ad hoc projects and theatre photography.

These series show clearly that in the city-landscapes by Kooi the central idea always evolves around people. People in motion, their outline, their body language, and their relation to their environment: all these elements make up the theme throughout her work.

The work of photographer Jeff Wall is a source of inspiration to her, but also that of choreographers the likes of Bausch or De Keersemaker.

Pietje Tegenbosch, 2002

Ellen Kooi Within from Without

Ellen Kooi

Rafael Doctor Roncero, Menchu Gutiérrez, Catherine Somzé, Octavio Zaya


ISBN : 978-84-96917-24-8

The point of departure for the photographs of Ellen Kooi (b. Leeuwarden, Netherlands, 1962) is the landscape, which she transforms and uses as the backdrop for ambiguous, inexplicable events. The seemingly natural appearance of her images, which always have the spontaneity of a snapshot, belies an intricate production process involving preparatory drawings, models, lighting design and careful staging, not unlike the methods used by old Baroque masters or modern film directors. This blend of nature and artifice lends Ellen Kooi’s photographs an unsettling quality and irresistible visual appeal.

Edition La Casa Encendida

Out There

Ellen Kooi

Martine Schneider,- Speller and Jhim Lamoree


ISBN : 2-919925 72-5

29 colour reproductions

Edition Beaumont Public


Ellen Kooi

Juan Curto Vivas


ISBN : 978-84-94-1906-9-8

Out of Sight

Ellen Kooi

Bernard Marcelis, Frits Gierstberg


ISBN : 978-2-35046-198-4

35 colour reproductions


Editions Filigranes

Focus Locus Oude Rijn - in de wereld van

Ellen Kooi


ISBN: 90-5994-090-3

2005: “Along the old Rhine with Ellen Kooi”,
assignment publication/ booklet, published by
Focus Locus, Utrecht


Edition Uitgeverij Aprillis