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Karen Knorr, Heaven’s Vault, Villa Farnese, Caprarola, série Metamorphoses, 2015-2017

Karen Knorr

American, British resident, born Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 1954
She lives and works in London

“Karen Knorr’s photography isn’t particularly easy to think about. It seems easier to think with it or through it. That is, with or through its subject matter. There is so much to think about within the images, that the images themselves become elusive. We cannot see the wood for the trees. Yet her images are in many ways particularly photographic. I think this reveals itself trough their way with time. It wouldn’t be quite right to say that the meaning of Knorr’s images is a complex experience of time, but the layers of possibility within them are inexticably linked to their temporal character.”

Taken from the article “Museum and Medium : The Time of Karen Knorr’s Imagery” by David Campany, 2001


Karen Knorr


ISBN : 9780956992291

Karen Knorr’s Gentlemen, published by STANLEY/BARKER in collaboration with Eric Franck Fine Art, takes us inside the hallowed halls of the most venerable private gentlemen’s clubs of 1980s London, and considers the patriarchal values of the English upper classes with beautifully precise photographs and texts constructed out of speeches of parliament and the news at that time. The complete series of 26 images and texts investigate the values that ally these classes to conservative aristocratic values where primogeniture (the right by law of the rstborn son to inherit his parent’s estate, in preference to daughters) is still an issue.


Edition Stanley/Barker


Karen Knorr


ISBN : 9780956992246

Karen Knorr’s Belgravia, describes through images and accompanying quotes, class and power amongst the international and wealthy during the beginning of Thatcherism in London.

Produced between 1979 and 1981 the images are now available for the first time in a beautiful artists monograph. Measuring 35 x 28 cm, printed on heavy stock and housed in a protective transparent jacket, the work describes the ‘everyday’ of a privileged minority, and whilst historically, portraiture of the upper classes has tended to be flattering, the combination of portraits and quotes from the subjects recorded during their sessions, brings Knorr’s work closer to satire.

Edition Stanley/Barker

India Song

Karen Knorr

Preface by William Dalrymple, essay by Christopher Pinney, and interview by Rosa Maria Falvo


ISBN : 8857222356

The extraordinary work of acclaimed photographer Karen Knorr and her poetic journey through the Indian Subcontinent. Karen Knorr began her ‘India Song’ series in 2008, after a life-changing trip through Rajasthan. These carefully crafted images take inspiration from the Indian tradition of personifying animals in literature and art, depicting scenarios that are at once otherworldly and surreal. Knorr’s work explores Rajput and Mughal cultural heritage and its contemporary relationship to questions of feminine subjectivity and animality.

Edition Skira Publishing


Karen Knorr in collaboration with Olivier Richon


ISBN : 978-0-9574272-6-6

These photographs were taken in a couple of clubs, the Roxy, Covent Garden and the Global Village, Charing Cross in 1977 . In 2013 Olivier and Karen re-printed contacts and reconsidered their past work for a book project with GOST books. Thanks to Gordon Macdonald’s enthusiasm, they discovered another 20 images that stood the test of time.

Edition GOST

Karen Knorr

Karen Knorr


ISBN : 978-84-9927-105-7

The photographic work of Karen Knorr has developed intellectually and aesthetically since the mid 1980’s, following an initial practice relating to social documentary, Knorr discovered a new area of investigation that went hand in hand with her natural curiosity, interest and knowledge of art theory and art history.

Edition La Fabrica


Karen Knorr

Nathalie Leleu and Lucy Soutter


ISBN : 978-2-35046-135-9

Le tout est très beau, gracieux et surnaturel comme la quintessence du fabuleux. Car qu’est-ce que le fabuleux, si ce n’est la délicate fusion de l’imaginaire et de la réalité, de l’invraisemblable malicieusement devenu réel. Au-delà de leur séduction immédiate, c’est bien cette ambiguïté qui fait la force des photographies de Karen Knorr.

Filigranes Editions

Genii Loci : The Photographic Work of Karen Knorr

Karen Knorr

David Campany, Rebecca Comay, Antonio Guzman


ISBN-10 : 1901033384 / ISBN-13 : 978-1901033380

Including essays and an interview with Karen Knorr, this extensively illustrated text is a comprehensive overview of the photographer’s work from the 1990s to 2002. Knorr’s photographs explore with wit and humour the patronage and heritage that informs our ideas of art and national identity, with images taken at historical art collections and stately homes, and new developments using sound, installation and video. Knorr has been making photographs since the early 1980s, using a documentary style that recalls earlier traditions of portraiture and painting.

Edition Black Dog

Karen Knorr par Antonio Guzman

Karen Knorr

Antonio Guzman


ISBN : 2-911487-36-2

Photography, allegory and palimsest by Antonio Guzman on Academies by Karen Knorr.

Edition FRAC de Basse-Normandie

Marks of Distinction

Karen Knorr

Introductory Essay by Patrick Mauries


ISBN-10 : 0500541655 / ISBN-13 : 978-0500541654

From gentlemen’s clubs to elegant Palladian country houses, and the smart neighbourhoods of London , Karen Knorr comments with humour and irony on the rigid conventions of British class and taste.

Edition Thames & Hudson Ltd