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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire


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The ministry of church, Série Outremonde, 2017

Laura Henno

Was born in 1976
She lives and works in Paris, France

Anyone who ever witnessed a total eclipse remembers the disturbing and yet fascinating moment that precedes the darkness: animals fall silent and cease all movement, everything seems halted, hanging fire. Laura Henno’s photographs trigger the same kind of feeling: the impression that time has been suspended, frozen; and that during this intervening period, human beings are delivered up to some invisible, mysterious force.

Here we see teenagers or very young people lost in their musings or suddenly immobilised by something out of our perception. They indubitably appear to us as characters from a narrative, but we will never know anything about their history, about what they are looking at or what they are thinking of. Sometimes we shall not even see their faces, when they turn their backs on us or are engulfed by darkness. Laura Henno’s photographs are mostly built on pronounced chiaroscuro: the character is alone in the light while the surroundings are deliberately left in shadow. When the entire scene is lit, as in Freezing, in which an icy white pallor covers the landscape, there remains what we might call the “out of field mystery”, the conviction that there is something there of which we know nothing, but which exerts an irresistible pull on the character. (…)

Extract from text by Marie-Thérèse Champesme

Summer Crossing

Laura Henno

Yves Brochard, Raphaëlle Stopin


ISBN : 978-2-35046-213-4

[…] “Des garçons dans une jungle traversent une semi-clairière, ils sont six. Entre eux, partout les entourant, une végétation bruissante ; à mesure que l’on s’y enfonce, un vert moite, assourdissant jusqu’au silence. Le premier des six s’oublie dans un avant-plan sombre, seuls resplendissent, pépites de lumière sur sa peau noire, une boucle d’oreille et des ongles blancs, à l’unisson de son vêtement. Le dernier lui, disparaît derrière les fumées blanches d’un feu qui couve, plus loin. Ils sont seuls ensemble, leurs regards lient l’un à l’autre sans jamais s’échanger, leurs esprits déjà partis dans un ailleurs qu’il leur faut encore rejoindre…” […]  plus d’infos  Extrait du texte de Raphaëlle Stopin

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