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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire

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L’histoire d’après

Curated by Charlotte Boudon

Exhibition from June 30th to July 28th

Galerie les filles du calvaire is pleased to announce “L’histoire d’après”, a group show curated by Charlotte Boudon featuring the works of Laia Abril, Laurence Aëgerter, Carmela García, Katinka Lampe, Mélanie Pavy, SMITH, Christer Strömholm.

This exhibition presents works by artists who focused their gaze on those of others. It drifts from one to the next, from a story to the following. Many of these authors quote stories, most of them classified as documentary, and use them as the basis for new narratives. In so doing, a story is created where the documentation of another ended. Editing these new narratives, artists transform their material into archives, creating new meaning with existing images and paying tribute to the time that has gone and to that which remains after.