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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire

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Agusta Edwards - Fine Art

Karen Knorr

From 20th to 31th of October 2021

A solo presentation of work by Karen Knorr, the exhibitions will focus on works from the artist’s two most recent series, India Song (2008-2020) and Monogatari (2012-2017)

Transmigrations refers to both displacement and reincarnation as well as to the migration of souls to an afterlife. In this age of climate change and of great migrations to come, where will our wildlife reside? Will the situation lead to a redefinition of living space in favour of the natural world and the displaced tribes?

Animals appear in Knorr’s photographs as signifiers of a radical alterity, or “otherness”, representing the vulnerable, displaced, and rejected. Animals in two series (India Song, Metamorphoses), set in Indian and European interiors, are the principal actors in a perpetual conflict between nature and culture. Humans are now both perpetrators and victims of the oncoming horrors of our
warming earth.


Studio des Acacias - Reiffers Art Initiatives Paris

Kenny Dunkan

From 20 October to 20 November 2021

“NO APOLOGIES” deepens the artist’s reflections on his Caribbean heritage. Each installation forms a micro-climate drawing about the cultural richness of Guadeloupe: from the aesthetic and symbolic power of carnival to mythologies and magical and religious beliefs.

Another way for Kenny Dunkan to discuss the post-colonial heritage of his island. The body, a recurring theme of the artist who does not hesitate to stage his own body, is also at the heart of the devices: a fragmented body, multiple and becoming.

The title “NO APOLOGIES” (“pas d’excuses”) refers for Kenny Dunkan to all the current violence done to bodies, whether black or gay… and the refusal to excuse them. “I have too often apologized to myself for being who I am,” explains the artist. Because of my skin color, my sexuality… Today, I don’t want to apologize anymore for being the person I am.” – Kenny Dunkan.


Le bel ordinaire - Espace d'art contemporain

Art orienté objet

From 06th of October to the 27 of November 2021

Curator : Jean-Jacques Gay

In disruption everything wears out, except Art which is knowledge! Bernard Stiegler

Observing the rise of NFT (Non Fungible Token – whose best known agent is Bitcoin on the Blockchain) and their tendency to define themselves as the artistic phenomenon of the year 21 of this 21st century, Jean-Jacques Gay demonstrates that this can only come from the wear and tear resulting from the adjustment of the art market in the face of the economic-sanitary situation. Also, on the occasion of the Festival accès) ( #21, he brings together a dozen works of emerging and historical artists to share with us his vision of the place of NFT in digital art today and proposes to us to take back a position of spectator-actor-creator.

In this exhibition, the duo of artists Art Orienté Objet presents “The machine to record human-animal telepathy”, imagined in 2007 with the laboratory of a German university. From this laboratory experiment are born four images where the artist, Marion Laval-Jeantet, exchanges her emotional states with her cat Hadji through different spaces, producing four photographic captures that follow in the footsteps of Louis Darget’s (1896) “photographs of feelings” experiments or Hippolyte Baraduc’s (1894) “psychicones” (projection of states of mind).



Laia Abril

From 18 September to 12 November 2021

Curator: Nathalie Herschdorfer

With Laia Abril, Zoé Aubry, Mel Bles, Sophie Bouvier Ausländer, Agnès Geoffray, Hanneke Van Leeuwen

Long excluded from the learning and practice of the arts and subjected to art critics who relegated women artists to the background because they dealt with so-called “female” subjects, the commitment to face the invisibility of which they follow. as creators is no less relevant today. The artists gathered in this exhibition question the world in relation to the social and cultural issues of their time: there is no question of confining the approach to an artistic category that would separate women and men but of questioning our gaze through a prism that integrates the issue of gender. If today a new generation of artists is seizing subjects dedicated to women, it is to fight against the violence and discrimination imposed by the patriarchy.


SFMOMA, San Francisco, USA

Diana Markosian

From 3th of July to 07th of November 2021

Diana Markosian’s Santa Barbara explores the nature of family and the American dream. Through a series of staged photographs and a narrative video, the artist reconsiders her family history from her mother’s perspective, relating to her for the first time as a woman rather than a parent, and coming to terms with the profound sacrifices her mother made to become an American.

Markosian (born 1989, Moscow) collaborated on this project with a scriptwriter from the 1980s American soap opera Santa Barbara (which her family had watched in Russia), a casting director, and a group of actors. Weaving together imagery of the artist’s childhood homes in Moscow and Santa Barbara, the work reconstructs the Markosians’ final days in post-Soviet Russia and their arrival in the U. S. The result is a deeply personal reimagining of her past and a powerful examination of the interplay between the idealized vision of California life and the reality of the immigrant experience.


Bristol Photo Festival

Laia Abril

From 20 May to 24 October

Curator : Aaron Schuman

Bristol Photo Festival is a new biennial festival with a year-round programme of commissions, collaborations, and exhibitions by both local and international artists. The first edition encompasses a summer showcase of photography exhibitions across the city followed by a full autumn programme of festival exhibitions and events including a book fair, film programme, talks series and symposiums.

Laia Abril – Hoda Afshar – Widline Cadet – Adama Jalloh – Alba Zari is a collection of solo exhibitions by five of the most innovative photographers and photo-based artists working today. The exhibition is commissioned by the Royal Photographic Society and curated by Aaron Schuman, featuring in the Bristol Photo Festival.


Bristol Photo Festival

Karen Knorr

From 03 May to 31 October 2021

Island Life presents over 60 photographs from Martin Parr’s collection to provide a picture of life in post-war Britain.

Widely known for his documentary photography, Martin Parr is also an avid collector, curator and promoter of photography. Selected by Martin Parr and Bristol Museum, Island Life takes photographs from the major photography collection at the Martin Parr Foundation to show the changing fabric of our cities, society and identities. The exhibition features photographs that document moments of historical significance including the poll tax riot, the Aberfan mine disaster and most recently, the Black Lives Matter movement.

These are displayed alongside images depicting the everyday – weddings, shopping, football and Butlin’s holidays. Collectively the images form a compelling study of national behaviour. Photographers featured in Island Life include Khali Ackford, Pogus Caesar, Elaine Constantine, Sian Davey, Chris Killip, David Hurn, Ken Grant, Markéta Luskačová, Graham Smith, Tom Wood and more.

This exhibition is part of Bristol Photo Festival.