John Davies is considered as the British leader in landscape photography today. His precise and meticulous images are filled with a soft light that give you a peculiar feeling. Bernard Millet, who commissioned him for several pieces in France, says he « is clearly a landscape photographer in the sense that he creates sites, choosing and pointing at them (…). John Davies chooses, after a long observation, to represent landscapes that already exist ». One notices, through informative elements that show it clearly, the relationship between the past and the future. This time, that will be the past tomorrow, becomes almost eternal thanks to the artist magnificent prints and his subtile black and whites. He pictures sites where nature and industry melt together, emphasizing a tension in his landscapes. His impressive work on England - British Landscapes that deals with the industrial revolution, near Liverpool where he was born –is only one of the numerous campaigns he did on other European territories such as France or Italy. More recently, John Davies started to work with color films and use its subtle chromatics, as his Japan series on the Fuji - where he linked this culture to its contemporary development - clearly states.

Christine Ollier