Noémie Goudal


Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire is delighted to announce the upcoming solo show of Noemie Goudal.

Since her start at the London Royal College of Arts and the St Martins School, Noémie Goudal has been playing around with images. Between real and fictitious landscapes, she explores the relationship of the natural and the artificial, science and imagination, construction and invention. In an alternative reality that defies the laws of perspective, her photographs give shape to a new landscape through installations that build on every photographic layer. These sculpture-like three-dimensional creations are implanted in nature and then photographed. This way, Noémie Goudal gathers several landscapes within one single image thus creating an in-between reality and fiction.

On the ground floor, Noémie Goudal will present her most recent series entitled Telluris created last spring in the Californian desert, along with an on-site installation.

For this series, the artist has embedded wooden cubes installations in a landscape inspired by “fake mountains” set architectures and their internal structure. If Telluris evokes the mythical dimension of these spaces, the series also refers to ancient theories on the formation of the Earth’s relief, the geomorphology at the source of many speculations. In her compositions, Noémie Goudal brings back and condenses the imagery activated by these scientific hypotheses: the landscape becomes psychological and arises from a mental construction foreseen by the artist.

One of her installations stands in the center of the exhibition space surrounded by her photographic series. Adapted to the gallery space, this big wood sculpture invites visitors to enter in the process of creating images and share the artist’s sensorial experience.

As a result of this constant attempt to combine fiction and reality, the photographic series entitled Southern Light Stations (2015-2016) presented on the first floor of the gallery reflects men’s perception of the sky and their projected representations. The series will be showcased in its entirety for the very first time here. Inspired by ancient cosmogony and the history of astronomy, these images have a double reference, science and myth, and entangle historical researches around scientific theories. Here, Noemie Goudal builds impressive installations made of paper, mirror and wood. Suspended in the sky, overlooking high viewpoints or in isolated locations, these structures question the intangible nature of the heavenly vault. Considered for a long time as the reflection of earthly turmoil, it is the highest sacred expression.

These two series, Telluris and Southern Light Stations, reflect both the scientific relationship that men have had with landscape and the way knowledge has changed its perception.

Finally, the gallery window, a new space opening onto the street, will be turned into a real studio space where the artist will present her researches and essays around an upcoming series entitled Terrela. These documents will reveal the meticulousness of the artist’s work process.

After that of the gallery, two other solo shows will follow at the Finnish Museum of Photography of Helsinki (Finland) and the Fotografiska Museet (Sweden) in 2018.

Born in Paris in 1984, Noemie Goudal currently lives and works between Paris and London. She has received several awards like the Prix HSBC in 2013 and the RCA SustainAward in 2010. She has taken part in several group shows at the Saatchi Gallery of London in 2012 and the Azerbaijani Pavilion during the 2015 Venice Biennale. Noémie Goudal’s work has also been featured in several solo shows at the New Art Gallery Walsall in 2014, the FOAM of Amsterdam, the Photographers’ Gallery of London in 2015, the BAL in Paris in 2016 and the Abbaye de Jumièges in 2017.