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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire

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Untitled from Mythologies 2009, C-Print, inks, 130 x 150 cm, edition of 3

In Search of Lightning

Esther Teichmann

Exhibition from October 30th to November 28th 2015

[ Vernissage le jeudi 29 octobre 2015 ]

Teichmann’s practice combines still and moving image, collage and painting to create alternate worlds, which blur autobiography and fiction. Central to the work lies an exploration of the origins of fantasy and desire and how these are bound to experiences of loss and representation. Through a parallel display of photographs or films juxtaposed with fictional sets and women bodies, thousands of stories emerge.

Fractal Scars, Salt Water and Tears invites us into a liquid dream–‐like world of desire. Cascading waterfalls and seashells whispering the lapping of waves are juxtaposed with state who seem to be stepping out of the stone from which they are carved.

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