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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire

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Du nous, 1997

Du nous, 1997

Catherine Poncin

Corps de classe & Du Nous

Catherine Poncin

Exhibition from december 2nd 1999 to january 22nd 2000

Catherine Poncin’s work reincarnates these forgotten bodies, gives them clean faces, voice and speech, restores their living language. She works the body, the black body of the image, the dead body of photographic embalming. She extracts the discrete singularity from the multiple body, the individualised sign from the collective image, the history of the subject from shared history. Photographing the photo, she submits it to the gaze of love, to the gaze of worry that restores the link. Her eye focuses, readjusts the distance, reframes, fragments, and enlarges, reinvents the space of what’s inside.(…) Her eye restores dignity, consideration, injects nobility into these faces without quality, name, or memory which are our history.(…) Through the photo of the photo, Poncin extends our visual memory to infinity, teaches up to make our way through photographic appearance with her. She stirs up an obscure knowledge about the imagination of the body and the truth we’re seeking in it. She brings us back to the intelligence of photography and its history.

Anne-Marie Garat, March 1999

This exhibition has received financial support from the Départment des Arts Plastiques of the Direction des Affaires Culturelles, City of Paris. In conjunction with it, Editions Filigranes is publishing a monograph with an essay by Paul Ardenne. This work is made possible by the support of the French Ministry of Culture, Délégation aux Arts Plastiques, CNAP (FIACRE).

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Du nous, 1997Corps de classe, 1999Corps de classe, 1999