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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire

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Sans titre, série Les Réponses, 2003, technique mixte sur toile, 195 x 190 cm

Dominique Gauthier

L’agudeza et la figure

Dominique Gauthier

Exhibition from january 10th to february 28th 2004

Les filles du calvaire will show a new corpus of paintings by Dominique Gauthier: Les Réponses.
Dominique Gauthier began this serie at the end of 2002. It stands together with other avenues simultaneously develloped : the Contre-Raisons I, the Contre-Raisons II, the Orphiques et the Abréviations.

“The base fabricated by the principles of manufacturing used in Réponses is as important as the one of the Hostinato which since 1992 are growing their variation in drawing and tone without being challenged by an evolution of the concept itself.

Réponses, with another well described technique show an extensive use of colours. They contemplate like Hostinatos but in a different way the practical thought surface and unlimited.
The method used for their production is extremely simple, a simplicity which itself makes things happen, unknown happen.

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