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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire

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Collage N°36, 2011

Emmanuelle Villard

Peinture, arsenic et vieilles dentelles

Emmanuelle Villard

Exposition du 14 septembre au 25 octobre 2014

As a painter, Emmanuelle Villard cherishes practicing and experiments, her favorite « pattern » implies seduction but also an ambivalent look on her surroundings. She goes to and fro between the medium’s seduction, the painting itself that attracts us and a feminity that has something a little lurid in itself. In her work, one doesn’t exist without the other, each leading to the discovery of those two other aspects.

Far from the less is more aesthetics, with many allusive elements, she forces the viewer to deal with an extreme universe where painting is garnished with surface reflections, glitters, pearls, strass and other trinkets, thus creating mixed feelings deeply rooted in each of us. She seduces, surprises, shocks, flirts with, entices, and catches our eyes while rejecting our attention at the same time.

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