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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire

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Keep the balance, 2012

Joris van de Moortel

Erratum musicale for 3 guitars and a metronome

Joris van de Moortel

Exhibition from may 4th to june 16th 2012

Defying artistic categories, Joris van de Moortel’s work can be described as sculptural, architectural, performative, musical, pictorial, or even pertaining to the installation art genre. Similarly, various historical references are encompassed in his practice. But they are portrayed indirectly, through subverted art forms. In that way, young Flemish artist Joris van de Moortel is iconoclastic. When he is doing a residency, he turns his studio space (or studiolo) into a Merzbau by creating a temporary workshop inside it. It becomes a sort of stage on and in which he can perform all kinds of activities. He shows that space, and at the end of the exhibition he dismantles and cuts up the architecture-come-installation subject into different pieces which he takes elsewhere. They can, of course, be made up of ‘real art pieces’ created on location, but they can also be walls, doors, or windows within the workspace which he turns into sculptural elements. The artist then rearranges these, or other residual components, in other exhibition spaces where they morph into just as many categorical pieces of work.

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