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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire

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The Spinal Contractions of The Bio-Urban Model, 2000, 213,5 x 167,5 cm

Flux et Transparences

Noël Dolla, Lydia Dona, Stephen Ellis, Dominique Gauthier, Fabian Marcaccio, Daniel Wiener

Exhibition from december 14th 2000 to january 27th 2001

The passage from a culture of objects to a worldwide culture of networks has transformed the nature of abstraction in art. Neither pure nor formal, it mixes and hybridizes different fields, making use of all the flows and transparencies between maps, diagrams, abstracts and volumes. A vast mental architecture of fluidity and lightness is reinventing our codes and languages.

Flux et Transparences explores these new territories between the US and France. The translucent grids of Stephen Ellis and the fluid, diagrammatic cartographies of Lydia Dona can thus dialogue with the dust paintings and figural phantoms of Noël Dolla. Just as the volumetric lines of Fabian Marcaccio’s curved surfaces meet up with Dominique Gauthier’s bleached spirals and the inorganic life of Daniel Wiener’s vegetal sculptures.