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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire

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John Beech, Tape Drawing, Madrid, 2012

John Beech


John Beech

Exhibition from march 16th to april 28th 2012

We are pleased to announce the first solo exhibition in France by Anglo-American artist John Beech. This event has developed over time and its foundations were laid during ‘Glissements de Terrain’ (Landslides) in 2009 and Minimal Pop in 2007. These two group exhibitions, in which a selection of the artist’s works was shown, took stock of the diversity of practice within the field of contemporary abstract art. These shows were also part of a pictorial approach programme that the gallery has dedicated a lot of time towards since it was first created.

John Beech is one of those fascinating artists whose multi-faceted and ever-changing forms of expression are uncommon and destabilising. His work shatters the fundamental concepts and categorical boundaries of abstract art. The artist’s stance has been influenced as much by the dialectics of Marcel Duchamp as by those of Andy Warhol. The resulting works combine problems of size and space with ones of pictorial surface and yet remain firmly embedded in the banality of subjects and materials.

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