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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire

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Rest on the Flight into Egypt, série Spirits, 2001, 137 x 137 cm

Karen Knorr

Academies & Spirits

Karen Knorr

Exhibition from march 27th to may 17th 2003

The gallery Les filles du calvaire in Paris is happy to present two photographic series by Karen Knorr: Sanctuary and Spirits.

In her recent magical photographic series (taken in private palaces and public collections) Sanctuary and Spirits she explores the boundaries between animals and humans in a world that has become relentlessly materialistic and unconcerned by the implications of unlimited consumerism.

In Sanctuary, Large scale photographs feature the paintings and the interiors of The Wallace Collection in an unsettling narration involving wolves, apes and exotic birds. These works both allude to allegorical traditions that can be found in paintings and interrogate the boundaries between the human and non-human.

In Spirits the photographs were taken in response to a landscape project commission in 2001 proposed by the Marcovaldo Association in based in Northern Italy near Caraglio. Karen Knorr photographed the interiors of a church, theatre and palace in Savigliano to which she added such incongruous elements such as cranes, pheasants and owls, birds of that particular region of Italy which invade the architectural interiors. The titles allude to religious paintings of the 16 and 17th century.