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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire

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Sans titre, 2000

Paola de Pietri


Paola de Pietri

From September 04th to October 04th 2003

After Paola de Pietri’s first French appearances in group shows where she got a good visibility – such as Cosa Mentale, Paysage (s)(1) and Le nouveau Paysage italien –new Italian landscape- at the Electra Foundation in 2000- she will make her first personal show in France at the Les filles du calvaire gallery with a work already shown in Spazio Aperto and Modern Art Gallery of Bologna(2) . At the same time, she will also present at the Jacques Coeur Palace of Bourges (3) the work she made for Image au centre’s commission this year.

Born in 1960 in Reggio Emilia, Paola de Pietri stands as a major Italian photographer. Beyond showing in Venice Biennale (4) in 2001 and Tuscia Electra (5), she won international recognition in 2000 through two different works commissioned by the photographic mission Linea di Confine per la Fotografia Contemporanea from Reggio Emilia’s land, for which she was chosen with Walter Niedermayr, Luis Baltz…Those missions did follow the policy of the European Convention for Landscape, which initiated 6 photographic missions as did the Datar in France (6).

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