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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire

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Paola Di Pietri, Sans titre, Série To Face, 2008/2011

Paysage Document IV

Thibaut Cuisset, John Davies, Gilbert Fastenaekens, Anne-Marie Filaire, Paola de Pietri

Exhibition from may 5th to june 22nd 2013

The series of exhibitions Cosa mentale, Paysage(s) is a trial to synthetize the photographic works from artists acquired by the French public collections who focused on landscape, starting in the 1970s up to now. This analysis is divided in 4 parts: the documentary photographs taken in an objective and typological way (Paysage-Document), the critical documentary works describing the impact of our sociopolitical activities on the landscape (Paysage-Critique), works that try to widen the range of documentary photography reaffirming a subjective dimension to the making of an image (Nouvelles subjectivités) and finally the fictional pieces with an artistic and cultural stand, be they linked to painting, cinema or literary works (Le Nouveau Pittoresque).

This ensemble led to a series of exhibition who took place in 2012 and 2013 . The gallery presents one, the 4th exhibition called Paysage-Document. It highlights 5 artists who contributed through a powerful aesthetic and writing to the development of documentary photography and the renewal of the perception on landscapes. They represent this European school – whose method and style changed over time – with a variety of approaches, some critical, others rather subjective.

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