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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire

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Noël Dolla, Jalousie provisoire n°1, 2000

Noël Dolla, Jalousie provisoire n°1, 2000

Unlimited space / Espaces émancipés

Exhibition curated and catalogue essay by Catherine Perret

Noël Dolla, Barbara Gallucci, James Hyde, Renée Levi, Suzanne McClelland, Fabian Marcaccio, Olivier Mosset

Exhibition from october 9th to december 12th 2000

The works exhibited under the heading of Unlimited space / Espaces émancipés are intended to evoke the legacy of Marcel Duchamp in contemporary painting.

Ignored by the intrapictorial criticism of the canvas that was developed in the 1960s by the French groups BMPT and Supports/Surfaces, Duchamp remained unrecognized when this criticism, fed by Pop Art and the New Realists, turned toward the promotion of the object. Indeed, he made only a shadowy appearance in this chapter of history through the ironically conceptual exploitation of the painting as a kind of furniture-in-the-making.

Beyond the painting, the object, the concept (strangely close to the very first historical abstractions in this respect), he has turned up again “in effect,” behind other masks, now that it is no longer just a question of thinking about the chessboard where we would be the pieces, but also the movement and the beauty of the movement between these pieces. In other words, the conditions of their displacement.

Noël Dolla, Jalousie provisoire n°1, 2000James Hyde