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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire

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Malmousque #22, 2013-2017, Courtesy Galerie Les filles du calvaire

Erwan Morère


Erwan Morère

Exhibition from May 17th to June 17th 2017

The world of Erwan Morère goes round but drives gently crazy. Since the earth is neither a line nor a flat horizon as we imagined for so long, nor the center of the universe, men should keep their proper place, lost as they are in the unthinkable and unintelligible chaos. Accepting that there is no meaning and no origin. This is probably why Erwan Morère’s images induce a visual shift toward both the abyss and the sky. Look at this child floating on his back in a swimming pool. He seems engulfed in metaphysical wonders beyond himself. He is staring at the sky, so high and distant. His entire body seems dumbstruck and possessed by mystery.

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