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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire

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Exhibition view / ground floor
©Florian Mermin

Your brain is my bedroom

Curated by Ange Leccia

Hoël Duret, Nidgâté (HAN Qin and WANG Yuyan), Emma Dusong , Ange Leccia , Florian Mermin

Exhibition from December 8th 2017 to January 13th 2018

[ Opening on December 7th 2017 from 6 to 9pm ]

Galerie Les filles du calvaire is pleased to announce “Your brain is my bedroom”, a group show curated by Anges Leccia featuring the works of Hoël Duret, Emma Dusong, Florian Mermin, Ange Leccia & Nidgâté.

Who is now able to conceive private life as strictly separated from the public sphere and a retreat into quietness? Who is now able to imagine his/her house or apartment as the shelter of our physical and mental integrity? From webcam paranoia to the amount of self-staging on social media, it seems redundant to say that the notion of intimacy is shattered, even without referencing the community modeling of our behaviors or the cultural conditioning of our sensitivity.

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