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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire

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Sans titre, Série Good Dog, 2006

Yusuf Sevinçli

Yusuf Sevinçli

Exhibition from december 4th 2013 to january 11th 2014

When a traveller just arrived in Istanbul “the Magnificent”, his eyes set on the thousand minarets the city hosts, a swarm that gives rhythm to its vast territory the way the ships do on its seas. Astonished, he will dive into this bustling and rustling of the epic city. From time to time, he might also try and find its contemporary art scene.

Istanbul is still far from the market tensions of contemporary art but not necessarily from its preoccupations –it is even quite the opposite. Considering the high number of artists who decide to settle in there, the ancient city is indisputably about to become a leading actor. It already gained international attention for its biennale, for its powerful foundations and refined art centres, its galleries’ dynamic development that altogether offer a varied cultural program.

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