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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire

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Karen Knorr : Another Way of Telling

Fox Talbot Museum, Lacock Abbey, UK

Karen Knorr

From may 26th to september 9th 2018

Karen’s work shows beautiful interiors of houses from various parts of the world. The compositions and lighting reveal the elegance of these rooms and makes their ‘unusual’ inhabitants feel deeply meditative. She places people or animals into the interiors, composed much in the way of the rest of the environment.

Les sources de la Mayenne Gontierama 2018

Pôle Culturel les Ursulines, salle Gothique, Château-Gontier

Marcel Dinahet

From may 26th to august 26th 2018

Marcel Dinahet réalise des vidéos très souvent en lien avec le milieu aquatique, la mer, les lacs ou les cours d’eau. Portant une très grande attention à l’environnement et aux manifestations du vivant, son travail tient de l’expérience et de la performance. Avec ce nouveau travail sur les sources de la Mayenne, l’artiste nous propose une immersion visuelle et auditive dans une nature brute, un retour aux origines avant toute intervention de l’homme.



Marcel Dinahet

From may 28th to june 15th 2018

Marcel Dinahet fera partie du festival annuel Cinéhaïku, qui réunit l’ensemble des films primés chaque semaine dans une exposition éphémère, à travers la ville de Gordes.

Festival Photo La Gacilly La Terre en Questions

La Gacilly, Morbihan, Bretagne

Karen Knorr

From June 2nd to September 30th 2018

Karen Knorr will be part of the 15th edition of the La Gacilly Photo Festival, which will focus on the Earth and the animal world whose the balance is threatened.

Noémie Goudal

The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki

Noémie Goudal

From June 08th to August 12th, 2018

The large solo exhibition including photography and video works will first be on view at The Finnish Museum of Photography, from where it continues to Fotografiska in Stockholm, Sweden.

The French artist Noémie Goudal (b. 1984) is known for her photographic works that combine staged elements with natural landscapes. Goudal’s works play tricks on perception, making the viewer doubt their senses. What is real? Where are the boundaries between imagined, natural and human-made?

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Centre Culturel Valery Larbaud, Vichy

Nelli Palomäki

From June 15th to September 9th 2018

Portrait(s) presents ten exhibitions, held simultaneously downtown and in open air. They show the complex matter of the human figure, the human condition that, across the world, cultures, ages or genres, connects us to each other.

Suspended Spaces

BPS22 Musée d'art de la Province de Hainaut, Charleroi, Belgique

Marcel Dinahet

From June 16th to September 2nd 2018

Curated by Dorothée Duvvier

Suspended Spaces is a collective of artists and researchers gathered in 2007, around an organic, arborescent and evolutive project. Their working method is the geographical shift and especially artistic, cultural and intellectual. The name Suspended Spaces refers to weak and temporary spaces of which the future has been prevented for reasons of political, economic and historical conflicts.

Paulien Oltheten / Prix découverte 2018

Les Rencontres de la photographie, Arles

Paulien Oltheten

From 2nd july to 23rd september 2018

In The Exception and the Rule (1930), author and dramatist Bertolt Brecht writes: “Observe the conduct of these people closely: find it estranging even if not very strange, hard to explain even if it is the custom, hard to understand even if it is the rule.” Paulien Oltheten’s photos, performances, and videos explore what is common and extraordinary about human behavior in public places. She goes to parks, plazas, and the streets of big cities for direct observation, finding unique activity, repetitive gestures, odd objects, or design elements there. She then connects these events, creating a narrative formalized in words, and still and moving images. Straddling fiction and documentary, found objects and found characters are staged, with a solid dose of humor, to reveal the links between things and human behavior.
Marta Ponsa

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Commanderie Sainte-Luce, Les Rencontres de la Photographie, Arles

Laura Henno

From 2nd July to 26th August 2018

Staying true to her exploration of a fallen humanity about which she tells a great tale, Laura Henno, whose previous work treated the subject of migrants from the Comoro Islands (her film Koropa will be presented in Marseille at the FRAC PACA for the Grand Arles Express), immerses herself in the Californian desert, at the lost Slab City. Emblem of an America at the size of an infamous camp of outsiders, here the pioneer life is lived out in dreams become nightmare. She settled into a caravan with her camera for two months in 2017 to meet, observe, and exchange with people, aiming to break the clichés and discover the characters. Some have hopes for a beyond, if not for lack of a future. Henno enters into dialogue with the full history of American photography, paying tribute to the photographers who, starting with Dorothea Lange up to William Eggleston, would create our visual imaginary of the Global South. Henno, who earned the 2007 Discovery Award at the Rencontres d’Arles, is back 10 years later with a work all the more focused in its formal and ethical ambitions.

Exhibition curator: Michel Poivert
Exhibition coproduced by the Rencontres d’Arles, the Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire (Paris) and the Galerie Le Bleu du ciel (Lyon), in partnership with FRAC Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

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