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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire

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Fotografiska, Stockholm, Suède

Noémie Goudal

From September 6th to November 18th

The creative process has always flown naturally for Noémie Goudal (born in 1984), and how she creates…
With a singularly personal layering technique using a spectrum of perspectives, this French artist, active in photography, sculpture, installation and film, builds up her narratives, both figuratively and literally. Narratives which challenge you, the viewer, to interpret and respond to.

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Labanque, Béthune

From 8th September 2018 to 10th February 2019

The exhibition Vertiges presented at the next academic year at Labanque – Béthune centre of visual arts production and distribution located in the rehabilitated site of the former Banque de France – is the third time of La Traversée des inquiétudes, a trilogy imagined by Léa Bismuth, freely adapted from the thought of Georges Bataille.

Samuel Gratacap / Empire

Les Chiroux, Centre culturel, Liège, Belgium

From September 14th to October 19th

EMPIRE is the first major exhibition of the photographer Samuel Gratacap, produced and displayed by LE BAL in Paris in 2015. Result of an investigation and immersion work conducted by the artist between 2012 and 2014, the exhibition traces, through photographs and films, the portrait of the Choucha refugee camp in Tunisia and those who occupied it.

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