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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire

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La Filature


Exhibition from April 21st to May 23rd 2020

SMITH’s work, transdisciplinary, plastic and theoretical, is apprehended as an observation of the constructions, deconstructions, relocations and mutations of human identity. Photography rubs shoulders with cinema, video, choreography, bio-art and the use of new technologies, giving rise to collaborations with scientists and philosophers. The question of transition constitutes a central element of her artistic practice, deployed in its multiple dimensions (identity, political but also scientific and formal).

Unseen, 35 Years of Collecting Photographs

Getty Museum, Los Angeles, California

Todd Hido

From December 17th 2019 to March 8th 2020

The Museum’s photographs collection celebrates its 35th anniversary with an exhibition showcasing photographs never before displayed at the Getty. From 19th-century European and American photographs from the early days of the medium, to contemporary works produced around the world, this exhibition highlights the breadth and depth of the collection. As curators share and juxtapose their favorite images, viewers are invited to make their own visual associations between photographs from different times and places.