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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire


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Abysses, 2018

Abysses, 2018

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Edouard Wolton

Born in 1986, Paris, France
Lives and works in Paris, France

Born in 1986, Edouard Wolton is a French artist who lives and works in Paris. In 2017, he presented a solo exhibition entitled ‘Cosmos’ at the Mineralogy Museum of the Ecole des Mines and took part in ‘Printers Matters’ in Paris. He has also participated in several collective exhibitions recently in Paris and in his region, including the Consulate, the Rue Visconti gallery, the Maison Rouge and the ‘Sèvres OutDoors’ event in 2016.

“Edouard Wolton’s recent pictorial practice is based on a guiding theme: landscape painting; more precisely, the tradition of the composed landscape, not painted from nature but in the studio, from elements of different landscapes, a view of the mind rather than a realistic depiction.

What some would hastily judge as an outdated genre finds with this artist, on the contrary a unique inventiveness ans a questioning that has lost nothing of its topicality.”

Alexandre Quoi