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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire


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Larmes, mai 2015 - novembre 2018

Larmes, mai 2015 - novembre 2018

Larmes, mai 2015 - novembre 2018Larmes, 2015-2018L'observatoire, 2017Et O, 2017Et O, 2017Robines, 2016Roue, 2016Ayúdame, 2016Ayúdame, 2016L'appel, 2014Ta voix, 2013Porte, 2013Classe, 2012Valise, 2012-2014Sirène, 2010

Emma Dusong

Born in Les Lilas in 1982.
Lives and works in Paris.

Through the human voice, spoken or sung, Emma Dusong is looking for living experiences for visitors. His works, often initiated by triggers, is outside of a logic of the event, what interests her is to propose a duration. She composes and writes all of her vocal works.

Born in 1982 in the Lilas, Emma Dusong lives and works in Paris. Graduate of the National School of Fine Arts in Paris with the congratulations of the jury in 2008, she presents her work in France and abroad since the early 2000s. In 2008, agnès b. inaugurates the agnès b. award for her work. She is also a doctor in art and aesthetics sciences, lecturer at the University of Picardy Jules Verne and writes on singing in contemporary art and cinema. After two solo exhibitions in 2016 at CRAC Occitanie in Sète and CAIRN, Art Center in Digne-les-Bains, she took part in the Polyphonies exhibition at the Center Pompidou in Paris. In 2017, Annette Messager presents her work in the documentary The favorites of Annette Messager on arte. Her work is part of the collections of the FRAC Occitanie, the Gassendi Museum and the Maison Bernard Endowment Fund, where she produced an in situ sound work for Antti Lovag’s architecture. She is currently working on the declinations of this work in the form of video and vinyl record and is preparing a solo exhibition for January 2019 at Les filles du calvaire gallery.

Photo :  Force fragile, Musée de la chasse et de la nature en partenariat avec la FIAC. ©Marc Domage

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