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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire

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Belleza sobre tela, 2002, 130 x 162 cm

Belleza sobre tela, 2002, 130 x 162 cm

César Delgado


César Delgado

Exhibition from september 5th to october 4th 2002

Cesar Delgado is showing for the first time in France at the gallery Les filles du calvaire. This painter is part of the international renewal of abstract painting which painting which started in the eighties.

He has a special place, influenced by the work Luis Gordillo, leader of Spanish modern abstraction but taking its roots in recent American abstract painting.

Delgado’s work separating the canvas in several areas and using at the same time monochromes and woven backgrounds refers to David Reed’s gesture and composition. One can also think that Jonathan Lasker is somewhere in Delgado’s mind when he explores the different layers of grids and makes them appear at the surface of the canvas.

We are facing pure abstraction and its freedom as if the painter mastering by structural techniques was able to play with a wide range of plastic variation.

Belleza sobre tela, 2002, 130 x 162 cmSans titre, 2000, 195x 162 cm