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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire

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 Une fois et pas plus n°42, 2001

Une fois et pas plus n°42, 2001

Corinne Mercadier

Une fois et pas plus

Corinne Mercadier

Exhibition from november 4th 2002 to january 11th 2003

Une fois et pas plus is a collection of photographs started in 2000, directly stemming from Glasstypes, photographs of illuminated paintings on glass featuring everyday objects around the body, clothes and enigmatic architecture (1998-2000). They are enlarged SX70 Polaroids.

In this series, the principal subject is the contact between the real and oneself. The objects fly and meet the characters. Who notice nothing or catch, accept, confront that which happens…

Destiny, ghost, future, silence,… sometimes the object is alone. Like an event destined more directly for the spectator.

I draw and realise these object-sculptures, in which geometry and random forms mix: trunks of hexagonal cones with sleeves and other supple hybrids of organza and crinoline take unpredictable attitudes under the effect of chance, speed and movement. To catch life in flight! Disappearance and loss have an important role in this series as in all my images.

Une fois et pas plus condenses the spirit of previous or parallel research : one finds again traces of Paysages of 1991-1994 in the scenes of the exterior, and what follows, Interieurs and Glasstypes, around the idea of the envelope – house or body. New for me, the work on movement, and with it a different perception of time and history, make them photogrammes of an invisible film.

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