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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire

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La crainte de l'ignorance, 1996

La crainte de l'ignorance, 1996

Gilbert Garcin


Gilbert Garcin

Exhibition from october 21st to november 27th 1999

In the era of virtual images, Gilbert Garcin puts together his little vignettes with nothing at all, glue, scissors, a few scraps. With in-jokes and puns one after another, you could say that he’s having fun, but it’s just the opposite : he’s playing a role. Because Garcin is the subject and the object of his own images. Could this detour via himself be a continual process of soul-searching?

Travestying himself in an omnipresent character, cooking up unbelievable adventures for himself in surrealistic decors, the incorrigible little man keeps laughing at himself. The photograph becomes “the image that I’m the hero of”, multiplying the episodes of an incessantly reinvented comic illusion. In this self-portrait in the form of simulacra, the photographer looks at the photographer who is perhaps pretending to be a photographer…

Yves Gerbal

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La crainte de l'ignorance, 1996Courrir après le temps, 1995La preuve de l'innocence, 1997L'écureuil, 1998