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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire

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Marina Abramovic, Insomnia, 1997, Courtesy Galerie Cent-8

Marina Abramovic, Insomnia, 1997, Courtesy Galerie Cent-8


Marina Abramovíc, Bertran Berrenger, Véronique Boudier, Serge Comte, Béatrice Cussol, Olivier Dollinger, Yan Duyvendak, Eric Duyckaerts, Dora Garcia, Liliana Moro, François Nouguiès, Catherine Poncin, Paul Pouvreau, David Renaud, Bojan Sarcevic, Frieda Schuman, Nathalie Talec, Franck & OlivierTurpin, Brigitte Zieger

Exhibition from january 15th to 26th 2002

The starting point of this project stemmed from a simple, even fleeting observation, of a certain contemporary artistic production, more specifically in the field of visual arts, (but equally in the field of choreography), dramatising, staging, the territory of intimacy*.

Intimacy (already well-documented) is exposed, projected, exhibited. The artistic postures observed reveal a necessity to show oneself, to live, to create, experiences. It is the body of the artist himself which ‘performs’ this intrusion into reality. Maybe as a reaction to the virtual. This body reinvests space, intention, movement, by means of gesture.

The attitude of the artists exhibited in IN/EX-HIBITION is characteristic of a generation conscious of its position in the history of time. It does not show the need to replay the heroic strides made during the 60s and 70s. It profits from the results. Nevertheless, its attitude is more ambiguous: where previous generations chose to stay on the outskirts of the society of the spectacle, this one participates fully by proposing works which criticise it while always evading it.

IN/EX-HIBITION unfolds in two superimposed areas of the ‘Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire’. On the ground floor, the screen is seen as the only exhibition area.

A specific programme of videos will be shown in succession on one projection surface.

On the first floor, more conventionally, the videos will be shown on monitors. They will be juxtaposed with fixed image drawings, photographs and sculptures to facilitate the greatest possible exploration of the question of intimacy.

Marina Abramovic, Insomnia, 1997, Courtesy Galerie Cent-8Liliana Moro, Aia, 1997, Courtesy Galerie Michel ReinOlivier Dollinger, Collapse, 2000, Courtesy Galerie Chez Valentin