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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire

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Florence Chevallier, Des journées entières, 2000

Florence Chevallier, Des journées entières, 2000

Le Paysage comme Babel

Commissariat de Nathalie Leleu

Corinne Mercadier, Paola de Pietri, Catherine Poncin, Ryuta Amae, Jean-Marc Bustamante, Florence Chevallier, Stan Denniston, Yin Xiuzhen, Cécile Le Talec

Exhibition from Mai 31st to July 12th 2001

In the encounter between several of the artists from Les filles du calvaire and «guests», this exhibition examines the passages between exterior and interior landscape.

More than to the recreation of a natural environment in constant reduction, it is to the introspection of vision that the technological 20th century brings back the mimetic quality of the image, in a «technological simulation of the conscience» (Marshall McLuhan).

Whether it be analogy or pure numerical artefact, the image-landscape behaves like a technical fiction, as does language; it generates signs and syntax of an individual topography, emotional and sensitive, projected into a collective space, itself redefined and formatted by architecture, urban development and industry.

The landscape becomes the precipitate of a discovering body, the carnal formula of a latent presence in a space in perpetual interpretation, even bordering on u-topos as a fictitious and critical place. Beyond the empathetic and uniform threshold of the image, the utopian powers of the works that make up the exhibition circuit are a result of multiple symbolic and narrative constructions that inhabit their horizons.

Florence Chevallier, Des journées entières, 2000Paola de Pietri, Via EmiliaPaul Pouvreau, Paysage, 1997