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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire

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Vue d'exposition

Vue d'exposition

Mais où est donc ornicar?

Curated by Dominique Abensour

Agid Olivier, Giovacchini Isabelle, Giroux Alexandre, Lancien Guilberteau François, Linard Osorio Guillaume

Exhibition from 6th to 27th july 2013

The question included in the title isn’t the core subject that preoccupies the six artists this exhibition includes, however the creative method that led to this famous French mnemonic formula intersects with their interests. Even if it means to conform to spelling rules, the method also aims at giving a meaning to a list of terms that doesn’t have any: the coordinating conjunction. What is more, each of those conjunctions, as a connection agent, is over-efficient, enabling us to find give meanings to multiple actions: transition, objection, exclusion, extension, restriction, deduction…

The artistic practices echo those puns. All of them pay great attention to the way one expresses his thoughts, to the way the meaning is created, transformed and passed on, they handle all kinds of language: the image and the object, the body, the gesture and the speech in a very creative way. They shake up habits and rules, divert the modeling structures and invent new ways to comprehend meanings. Through artworks based on researches and experiences, they produce devices that seem equally capable of understanding our world as they are in a way able to create it.

Vue d'expositionVue d'expositionVue d'expositionVue d'expositionVue d'expositionVue d'expositionVue d'expositionOlivier Agid