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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire

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Study on perspective I

Study on perspective I


Noémie Goudal

Study on perspective I

Exhibition from October 27th to December 2nd 2017

The gallery window will showcase an installation Noemie Goudal conceived as a game of construction and illusion. With this more than two meters-high monumental work, the artist prolongs her work on the multilayered nature of images and its decomposition in three dimensions started with the Haven Her Body series as well as her work around the great “collections” of suspended papers. The photograph of a majestic brutalist interior architecture is cut and printed on four vertical Plexiglas slates placed one behind another – a mode of construction that recalls the superposition of theaters sets. The result is an alternate perspective effect created by the image cut, which can be seen only from a single point of view.

Study on perspective IStudy on perspective I