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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire

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Karina Bisch

Karina Bisch

Points, Lignes, Plans

Jo Baer, Karina Bisch, Noël Dolla, Joanne Greenbaum, Miquel Mont, Philippe Richard, Dan Walsch

Exhibition from september 7th to october 14th 2000

The exhibition Points, Lines, Plans will gather the works of seven artists who deal with questions pertaining to painting, abstraction, subjectivity and/or architecture, whatever the medium they use. From New York will come the paintings of Joanne Greenbaum and Dan Walsh; from Paris the paintings of Karina Bisch, the pictorial construction of Philippe Richard, and the wallwork and photographs of Miquel Mont. The exhibition will be supplemented by historical works dating from the 60s which could be seen as dealing with related questions, albeit in a different fashion: one drawing, rarely seen, by Jo Baer, and two drawings by Noël Dolla.

The focus of the present exhibition will be these tropes of modernism which were dealt with univocally by the pioneers of abstraction, especially by Kandinsky: the ability of points to define a surface (the alternative modernist motif for the grid), the transformation of points into circulating lines, and the links between painting, planning and architecture. Going beyond a purely formal perception of these tropes, the artists gathered in this exhibition propose new interpretations ofPoint, Line, Plane which could become interpreted in the plural as Points, Lines, Planes or as dots, loops and constructions. Each of them, in very different ways which account for very different visual effects, question the autonomy of the fine art object. Their works could be linked with questions of building and city planning, social construction and individuated forms, subjective construction and distanced expression.

Eric de Chassey

Karina BischMiquel Mont, Peau murale IV détailMiquel Mont, Peau murale IV, Courtesy galerie Le Sous-sol, ParisPhilippe Richard, Variable atmospherique 3, 2000