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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire

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Antonio Catelani, Cesar Delgado, Stephen Ellis, Dominique Figarella, Pia Fries, Angiola Gatti, Dominique Gauthier, Alexis Harding, Dennis Hollingsworth, James Hyde, Shirley Kaneda, Jonathan Lasker, Fabian Marcaccio, Nikolaus Moser, Pascal Pinaud, David Reed, Jessica Stockholder, Juan Uslè

Exhibition from february 3rd to march 11th 2000

Super-Abstr-Action is an exhibition-manifesto about international abstract painting, a recognition of the last generation of artists, born around the 1950s, who approach the terms of non-figurative painting with a combination of extreme freedom and great rigor. The very title of the show indicates the context we have sought to investigate: a “super,” excessive painting that is abstract and in “action.” Materiality is the thread that links the artists invited. They are no longer dealing with a painting of brushstrokes, made up of two-dimensional colors, but a painting made of physical superimpositions that spill over the canvas and over the edges of the picture. The role of the painting as a window open on the world is reversed. It is now the painting which, by its physical presence, probes reality and changes the spatio-temporal relationship between people and objects. The historical roots of this approach are evident in Pollock and De Kooning, in the environment and the Baroque, in Richter and Pop Art. But all of that is now transformed and transfigured. The tragic and the sublime have given way to something light, mobile, perhaps a bit fragile, like the existence of things, beings, and art.

Super-Abstr-Action was presented at the gallery The Box Associati in Turin from 25 November 1999 to 25 January 2000. A 64-page color catalogue with essays by Andrea Busto has been published by The Box Associati and Les filles du calvaire.

* The works exhibited have been loaned by the gallery The Box Associati with the exception of those by Juan Uslè (Galerie Soledad Lorenzo, Madrid), Jessica Stockholder, Pascal Pinaud, and Stephen Ellis (Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris), Fabian Marcaccio (Galerie Thaddeus Ropac, Salzburg/Paris), Nikolaus Moser (Galerie Hilger, Vienna/Paris), Alexis Harding (Andrew Mummery Gallery, London), and Dominique Gauthier, James Hyde, and Cesar Delgado (Les filles du calvaire, Paris).