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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire

Art Brussels 2018

Art Brussels 2018


Tour & Taxis, Bruxelles

Karen Knorr, Emmanuel Saulnier, Radenko Milak, Katinka Lampe, Noémie Goudal, Ismaïl Bahri

From April 19th to 22th 2018

For Art Brussels 2018, Les Filles du Calvaire gallery put emphasis on artists who enjoyed great visibility over the last year. We will focuses on sets of recentand / or unpublished works.
The booth will be the reflection of the gallery program, with emerging artists, and confirmed ones in various medium. After his solo show at Le Jeu de Paume this summer, Ismaïl Bahri will present a tryptich of his «Revers» series. Through the simple, repetitive process of crumpling a page from a magazine, Revers (2016) contemplates notions of disintegration, reproduction, transmutation and, centrally, impermanence. Noémie Goudal will exhibit her new series Telluris. Large wood installations are photographed in the middle of an arid and deserted landscape: like building frameworks inspired by the architectures of “artificial mountains”, they evoke the shape of sacred mountains and look like the “skeletons” of a relief in construction. She will also present two new works form the Southern Light Station series. She will have a solo show in the Photography Museum of Helsinki and in Fotografiska Muset of Stockholm in 2018. New works from the photographer Karen Knorr and the painter Katinka Lampe will be proposed, as well as new set of water colors of Radenko Milak, who represented this year Bosnia in the Venice Biennal. After his solo show at the Palais de Tokyo, the scuptor Emmanuel Saulnier will show a piece made of glass and water never presented in a fair.

Art Brussels 2018Art Brussels 2018Ismaïl Bahri, Revers ref.3, 2016-2017Noémie Goudal, Telluris IV, 2017Noémie Goudal, Station IX, 2015Radenko Milak, Sequence 4, 2017<br />
Serie University of DisasterKaren Knorr, Peers of the Real, Landesborought series, 2015Katinka Lampe, 1216175, Oil on canvas, 2017Katinka Lampe, 6080712, Oil on canvas, 2017Emmanuel Saulnier, Keys, 2016