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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire

Noémie Goudal, Southern Light Stations IX

Noémie Goudal, Southern Light Stations IX


Shanghai Exhibition Centre

Noémie Goudal

Du 20 au 22 September 2019

For Shangai Photofairs 2019, we want to submit a booth constructed as a solo show of Noémie Goudal.

Noémie Goudal’s work brings real and theoretical geographies into coexistence, creating a space between physical reality and its mental representation. Goudal’s photographs document staged interventions that induce scepticism and complicity in equal measure, announcing themselves as fictitious yet compelling a suspension of disbelief.

Goudal’s oeuvre explores our instinctive need to explicate our surroundings in a unifying theory, and her inquiry resides in the distance between observation and interpretation. Goudal’s recent work reimagines moments of historical scientific discovery relating to our search for a sense of place: her last series, Stations, fixated on the sky as a space into which prevailing philosophical thought was projected until the Copernican Revolution. For Telluris, the artist progresses her investigation from the sky to the earth itself.

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