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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire

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Agusta Edwards - Fine Art

Karen Knorr

From 20th to 31th of October 2021

A solo presentation of work by Karen Knorr, the exhibitions will focus on works from the artist’s two most recent series, India Song (2008-2020) and Monogatari (2012-2017)

Transmigrations refers to both displacement and reincarnation as well as to the migration of souls to an afterlife. In this age of climate change and of great migrations to come, where will our wildlife reside? Will the situation lead to a redefinition of living space in favour of the natural world and the displaced tribes?

Animals appear in Knorr’s photographs as signifiers of a radical alterity, or “otherness”, representing the vulnerable, displaced, and rejected. Animals in two series (India Song, Metamorphoses), set in Indian and European interiors, are the principal actors in a perpetual conflict between nature and culture. Humans are now both perpetrators and victims of the oncoming horrors of our
warming earth.


Studio des Acacias - Reiffers Art Initiatives Paris

Kenny Dunkan

From 20 October to 20 November 2021

“NO APOLOGIES” deepens the artist’s reflections on his Caribbean heritage. Each installation forms a micro-climate drawing about the cultural richness of Guadeloupe: from the aesthetic and symbolic power of carnival to mythologies and magical and religious beliefs.

Another way for Kenny Dunkan to discuss the post-colonial heritage of his island. The body, a recurring theme of the artist who does not hesitate to stage his own body, is also at the heart of the devices: a fragmented body, multiple and becoming.

The title “NO APOLOGIES” (“pas d’excuses”) refers for Kenny Dunkan to all the current violence done to bodies, whether black or gay… and the refusal to excuse them. “I have too often apologized to myself for being who I am,” explains the artist. Because of my skin color, my sexuality… Today, I don’t want to apologize anymore for being the person I am.” – Kenny Dunkan.