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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire

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Les Rencontres d'Arles – Arles, France

Noémie Goudal

From July 4 to August 28, 2022

Anchored in ideas around deep time (which can be loosely defined as a geological history of the planet), paleoclimatology (the study of past climates) and relational geographies, Noémie Goudal’s complex and performative series of films and constructed photographs reflect on the inter-connectedness of human and non-human life. Knitting together lush vegetation, rocky coastlines, snow-capped mountains and swamplands, her latest body of work explores spatiotemporal vastness and post-anthropocentric modalities of belonging. Goudal’s poetic film Inhale Exhale, 2021, considers how the Earth is in a state of perpetual movement by depicting an unspecified equatorial landscape that was once part of the arctic environment in a constant state of transition. Meanwhile, her series Phoenix, from which the exhibition takes its name, deploys optical illusion and altered realities to question photography’s indexicality as a marker of truth. Ultimately, Goudal’s theatrical work marks a philosophical shift in our approach to ecology and an awareness of how the Earth’s temporal rhythms are critical for planetary survival.


Les Rencontres d'Arles – Arles, France

Katrien De Blauwer

From July 4 to August 28, 2022


Whatever you do, don’t tell Katrien de Blauwer that she makes collages: “Let’s say I’m a photographer without a camera. For me, cutting is comparable to clicking on the shutter release”. She snips, glues, assembles, infringes, colors and handles photographs from the old magazines she collects. Close to photomontage or film editing, her works conceal an intense narrative charge. They are linked to memory and personal history, but, paradoxically, as intimate as they are anonymous, they become the possible scenario of everyone. “What Katrien de Blauwer unearths in her black and white images is the archaeology of ambiguity. She doesn’t cut this ambiguity of desire with a raging knife: on the contrary, it interests her. She works it to the maximum. She refines and sharpens it” (Philippe Azoury). The Pictures She Doesn’t Show to Anyone brings ten years of creation together in a book and an exhibition on an unprecedented scale.


Les Rencontres d'Arles – Arles, France

Sandra Rocha

From July 4 to September 25, 2022

Two artists, a common territory. Two visions, one exhibition. Sandra Rocha (mentor) explores the image in all its dimensions, and Perrine Géliot (mentored), designs three-dimensional photographic objects. They form the first duo of Pernod Ricard’s Arts Mentorship program. This multidisciplinary pair travelled to Chiapas, Mexico, where they drew parallels between the history of the Mayan people and the contemporary Anthropocene era. The collapse of one of the most powerful societies of the ancient pre-Columbian civilization at the dawn of the ninth century is believed to be the consequence of overpopulation. The two artists embarked on a journey to the heart of a rich heritage, now overgrown by lush vegetation. It is in this harmonious and ritualized setting where humans, animals, plants and minerals coexist that Sandra Rocha and Perrine Géliot construct a poetic narrative that does away with the course of time. Their immersive exhibition on display at the Commanderie Sainte-Luce will bring together photography, video, sound and sculpture, offering a visual, organic and philosophical experience.


Jeu de Paume – Tours

Thibaut Cuisset

From November 26, 2021 to May 22, 2022

Between 2001 and 2010, as part of his research into the landscape and the French countryside, Thibaut Cuisset photographed the Loire and its immediate surroundings on numerous occasions, particularly in the Centre-Val de Loire region, in response to several commissions: in 2001, at the initiative of the Images au Centre festival, in 2002, focusing on the territory of Amilly (Loiret), and then, in 2004, in the Pays de la Loire region, with the support of the city of Saumur (Maine-et-Loire). This series continued in 2010 with La Loire de la source à l’estuaire, the result of work carried out in the Haute-Loire following the award of the Académie des Beaux-arts in 2009 and a commission linked to the opening of the Maison de Loire at Mont Gerbier de Jonc. On this occasion Thibaut Cuisset realized a series of photographs taken at regular intervals along the river.

For the first time, all of these series will be gathered in the exhibition, allowing a deeper understanding of this work on the landscape realized over a decade. “For me, it is not a question of travel in the romantic sense, of autobiographical journeys, or of a state of mind, but of a method that allows me to work on what can be called motives”, explained Thibaut Cuisset in 2004. A work with the photographic camera and in colors, putting at distance temptation of the picturesque and dramatic effect, trying to put a neutral and calmed glance on the things and, according to the own words of the author, “to find a way of looking at the world by creating the images which I believe the most right possible”. Read more