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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire

Kenny Dunkan, Sans Titre 3, 2022

Kenny Dunkan, Sans Titre 3, 2022


Solo show Kenny Dunkan

Kenny Dunkan

From April 28 to May 1

INNER SURFACE is a confusing installation that invites the exploration of a body-territory with multiple vanishing points and perspectives. Kenny Dunkan explores his beloved plastic vocabulary – from the accumulation and repetition of motifs to the fantasy of the body, from the superposition of references to their metamorphosis into a syncretic universe.

From the floor to the walls, the space is covered with a blurred landscape, directing the gaze towards the sharp focal points of the works. The artificial depth of field creates a digital noise in the real world, a loss of senses.

A series of digital paintings reveal a layered accumulation of techniques, references and symbols.

Like a double ironic self-portrait, two sculptures inhabit the space and attract our attention: one, lascivious, abandons its weight and skin on its base; the other, pensive, levitates and rolls up on itself. Two figures of the artist – both contradictory and complementary.

Kenny Dunkan’s process of creation and fetishization often begins with the research and collection of iconic objects, design furniture and industrial hardware. The superposition of artistic references, regional cultures and production processes leads to hybrid materials and new worlds. The viewer enters a fragmented body – and is invited to melt into it. Each element, independently approachable, weaves a complex and infinite narrative network with neighboring pieces.

Between vulnerability and intensity, Dunkan reveals the presence of life, nestled in the smallest details, inviting the mind to escape.

Kenny Dunkan, Sans Titre 3, 2022