14 - 21 Mai 2018 

Les filles du calvaire will present a booth around the concept of unique piece realised by four women artists,  with some silver print, collages and polaroïds.

Helena Almeida, over the last forty year,  has developed a body of work, which started with the process of exploring the limits of painting, transforming ideas and experiences into images. She combined the photographic image with the drawn line and the paint mark in compositions that examined space and drew attention to the surface of the work.

Katrien de Blauwer has become a master in the art of “cutting”, a term that defines her practice better than “collage”, since the latter fails to express her mastery of composition and the formal impact of her creations. In fact, her artworks are not collages in the usual sense. She picks and extracts bits and pieces from others’ photographic language in order to revive their formal value.

Claudia Huidobro, in her serie "Quoi de plus douce" is also  photographs found in magazines. Those works are questioning woman's image through an aggressive plastic action on found photographs of pin ups

We will also present the polaroïds series of Corinne Mercadier. By using the Polaroid, whose square frame, grain, fragility and variable colours allowed her to invent a new kind of relation to time and space.