Thomas Lévy-Lasne France, b. 1980

Thomas Lévy-Lasne gives a critical, committed and sublimated glance on the banal reality of our daily life.

Thomas Lévy-Lasne is a graduate of the Beaux-Arts de Paris, and has been a resident of the Villa Médicis 2018-2019. Parties in watercolours, protests in charcoals, erotic webcam drawings, oil paintings of urban solitude, he approaches the most diverse and contemporary subjects in a classical manner.

“I think that to confront figurative painting is to play at constructing a continuous immediacy, a fresh freeze. It is a question of representing, of  reconstruct a certain logic of the visible. What interests me first of all is to render in its richness and complexity a moment of the world of appearances, to render its density. The subject, the represented object, are for me are for me only a supplement of soul, an often personal stake, an instrument of seduction, because it is necessary to paint something.” Thomas Lévy-Lasne