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Galerie Les filles du Calvaire


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James Hyde, SLIVER, 2000, refigured 2016

James Hyde, SLIVER, 2000, refigured 2016

James Hyde, SLIVER, 2000, refigured 2016James Hyde, WAITING, 1990, Refigured 2016James Hyde, INCLINE, 1993, refigured 2016James Hyde, SHORE, 2015James Hyde, STEP, 2015James Hyde, Conformed, 2014James Hyde, SOWN, 2014James Hyde, Red & Tan Reservoir, 2013James Hyde, Circular, 2013James Hyde, Two Trees, 2010

James Hyde

Born in 1958 in Philadelphia, USA
He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York

Hyde’s work, such as he developed it in the nineties, consists of an experimentation, deliberately in a do-it-yourself enthusiasm and free of any aesthetic obligation, of any possibility of a meaning painting ; it consists on the emission, on multiple objects, of various signs of painting.

In that way, and although completely singularly, it totally belongs to his time, the time of an abstraction post-duchampian and post-warholian, in wich instils, infra-thin, the distance that separates the thing from the sign of this thing, the language and the meta-language.(…)

Extract from Le Saut de la barrière by Michel Gauthier



James Hyde

Michael Luthy, Catherine Perret, Alexi Worth, James Hyde


ISBN 10 : 2912983010 / ISBN 13 : 9782912983015

Edition Les Filles Du Calvaire and  Sikkema Jenkins & Co.