Histoires vraies | MAC VAL

Avec Kenny Dunkan

In these times of constant redefinition of the paradigms of self-representation, of the shifting and fragile boundaries between reality and fiction, the MAC VAL inaugurates in February 2023 a new group exhibition, "True Stories". If storytelling is not a new issue, it is nevertheless the heart of the world's current affairs, here approached through a particular look at the different realities that exist in this floating space between art and life. The real does not exist outside of its narratives. The forty or so artists included in the exhibition stage fictions and as many (true?) stories.


Avec les oeuvres de Aletheia (Hugo Dumont, Anthony Vernerey), Alexis Foiny, Alice Brygo, Anaïs-Tohé Commaret, Anne Brégeaut, Anne-James Chaton, Aurélie Ferruel et Florentine Guédon, Aurélien Mauplot, Collectif 1.0.3, Esther Ferrer, Étienne Charry, Farès Hadj-Sadok, Hippolyte Hentgen, Jean-Charles
de Quillacq, Jordan Roger, Katia Kameli, Kenny Dunkan, Kent Monkman, Laura Bottereau & Marine Fiquet, Marie Losier, Mary Sibande, Mehryl Levisse, Olivier Nottellet, Pejvak, Regine Kolle, Romain Kronenberg, Sam Moore, Sebastien Loghman, SMITH, Suzanne Husky, Sylvie Ruaulx, Véronique Hubert, Vincent Volkart, Virginie Barré, Yan Tomaszewski,
Youri Johnson.

Group exhibition from February 4 to September 17, 2023
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